Tuesday, December 5

School science project ; more photos.

Before the cruise, Mr. Nishimura’s 4th grade class at Ulloa School in San Francisco colored Styrofoam cups as part of a unit on the oceans. Dr. Kate Stafford volunteered to bring them along the cruise. They were attached to one of the box cores taken in Drake Passage to demonstrate the effects of depth (pressure). The standard 4.5-inch cups were reduced to just over an inch in size. The box core was taken at 59 S and 63W and went down 3800 m.

Here's how the cups looked after their dive:

A few more photos:
Collecting water samples
Joe and Bill collect water samples using channel locks and copper tubing

Marine mammal sightings
Map of opportunistic marine mammal sightings from the RV Yuzhmorgeologiya


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i love the penguins too.


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